Miss Jannat-ul-Firdous, an educationist and philanthropist, started the Al-Firdous School in Bara Kahu with a vision of changing the lives of many. She began by opening a small sewing centre for the women of Saipan Hill. Troubled by the lack of schools in her locality, she transformed her sewing centre into a school. The Al-Firdous School is a trust-based organisation that charges no tuition fee from its students. Instead, it runs on donations from the family and friends of Miss Jannat-ul-Firdous. Though it is a trust-based school, Miss Jannat-ul-Firdous does not compromise on quality and ensures that her students get the education that they deserve. This requires that her school adopts the latest techniques and technology in pursuit of that goal. That is why she has provided her students with a digital classroom that improves and enhances their learning standards. This past quarter, the Al-Firdous Community Model School was selected as one of Knowledge Platform’s champion schools in Islamabad. Moreover, the Al Firdous Community Model School has been distinguished as the “Best School Using Technology in Pakistan” in the 2018 International School Awards Dubai. Our local hero, Miss Jannat-ul-Firdous, has made a great contribution to the lives of many and to the future of Pakistan. We hope that she will one day be internationally recognised as a leader, a mentor, and a philanthropist.

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  1. wish lot others could follow mrs firdouses great steps and give our communitys a chance…congratulations to her and her supportive staff… Alhamdulillah keep it up


  2. I was lucky enough to know Baji Firdous. She always believed to succeed with such a passion that it will become reality. Everyone have seen the the end result.Her kind,caring nature it draws people towards her mission she inspire good action and helping others is unbelievable. She always made efforts for the community happiness lifts us above ourselves. Iam very proud of her.


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