Lock-down might be relaxed, but the threat of Coronavirus isn’t over. It’s still not safe to go outside, meet friends, dine out in gathering or do things which were part of our life before March 2020. Though with online classes, a routine has been developed but many of us still struggled to pass time constructively. […]

“To have another language is to possess a second soul”, says Charlemagne – former king of the Franks. Is this statement true? Does possessing two different languages indeed mean separate versions of a single person? Can learning a new language change the way you think? The answer is yes to all these questions (at least […]

Corona virus, COVID-19, is spiraling all over the world and so is the spread of misinformation and myth. In Pakistan, the situation is even more concerning due to delayed testing and a lack of adequate public health infrastructure to prepare for this pandemic. However, aside from the institutional level what is of utmost importance currently […]

Are you experiencing burnout in school because of being involved in too many activities at the same time? You probably need to prioritise your extracurricular activities. Read this blog post to find out how to prioritise and achieve a productive and stress-free life.

What lessons can we learn from reading about the life of a chess champion? Read this blog post to find out!

We explore how to make the most of your school experience. Go beyond the bounds of your books by developing your interests, serving your community, expanding your network, and turning the world around us into your classroom.

I had a strange conversation with a teacher the other day. We were discussing the kind of comprehension texts that she felt were appropriate for kids in grades six and above. “No fantasy or science fiction, please,” she said. “That’s fine for little kids, but when you get to a certain age, it’s time to […]

While some stress during our school years is inevitable, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. We provide you with some simple but effective tips to put you on the road to a stress-free lifestyle.