Compared to your typical school, Kindergarten High School Muridke is unconventional. It is located in a large L-shaped garage where students and teachers are provided with the latest technology to provide quality education and fill the gaps. KHS has been effectively using Knowledge Platform’s Learn Smart Classroom solution. The results are terrific. Learn Smart Classroom provides digital content in the form of videos, games and assessments. According to Sir Asghar Hashmi, who is the founder of KHS, with the help of LSC’s principal dashboard he has been efficiently monitoring school activities.

Managing students and teachers’ performance through LSC’s principal dashboard is just a click away. With the help of LSC, Sir Hashmi has been able to get a monitor and evaluate his teachers’performance. The solution helped him identify teachers who had not been covering the course content/topics efficiently and to work to address these gaps.

Teachers’ performance is very closely related to students’ learning. By monitoring his teachers’ performance he has been able to improve the learning outcome of his students.

One of the key pillars in education sector for delivering high quality education, is the belief that a good principal leads to a great school. Sir Asghar along with Knowledge Platform is on their way in imparting quality education. Moreover, LSC has enabled KHS to maintain an increase in its school enrollment rate. There has been a 6-7% increase in enrolment rate. Initially, there were 230 students enrolled in KHS. After introducing LSC into their school the number of students has increased from 230 to 260.This shows people are not abhorrent to the integration of technology in the Education and its countless benefits can encourage them to opt for it.

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