When the bell rings, is it the ring of freedom or that of reminder for your students that they will learn what to think/say/behave? Freedom is something that we hold very dear to our hearts. We wave flags to celebrate it, our soldiers sacrifice their lives to protect it, and we take pride in it as one of the most defining factors of Pakistan.

Just pause for a moment and ask yourself: Do your students have the freedom to learn in your classroom? We all have seen the traditional, outdated, and archaic model of instruction where a teacher is standing at the front of the room, delivering content, and expecting the students just to absorb it and grasp its meaning upon listening for the very first time. It leaves almost no freedom for your students to actually learn. They just passively accept their fate as non-engaged & uninspired learners. They have little say in what they are doing or when, and even less accountability for their progress toward mastery of the content.

But each one of you has managed to change the age-old practices and norms amidst this pandemic. And have given the much-needed Freedom that your students needed and most importantly deserved. It won’t be wrong to say you all are heroes of this generation! Students usually have heroes and influencers on social media platforms these days but it’s indeed you, who have beautifully redefined their way of learning.

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