Today, artificial intelligence is all the hype and everybody, everywhere is discussing it. While the industry is still emerging, it is already in use in many industries and impacting our daily lives.

Many myths surround artificial intelligence and the technology is heavily romanticized in pop culture. AI (artificial intelligence) is an industry that is developing machines that operate and respond similarly to humans with intelligent functions such as speech, recognition, learning and problem solving.

Alexa and Siri are the most commonly used forms of AI. The technology is also being employed by Amazon and Netflix to make recommendations for their users.

In the education sector, we have already seen how advancing technology has revolutionized learning and teaching methods.

In fact, Knowledge Platform is leading this movement in Pakistan and other emerging markets, that are lagging technologically. Knowledge platform has been utilizing artificial intelligence on Learn Smart Pakistan, a free digital learning platform, to customize each student’s learning experience based on their individual learning style and preferences.

In traditional classrooms, a single teaching method and one learning pace are used to teach and measure every student’s success. However, with this technology each student can learn individually at their personal pace and effectively apply the concepts they learn.

AI can assist teachers in filling the learning gaps. It can also help teachers improve their teaching methods by identifying their students’ weaknesses on an individual and class level.

In the coming years, we can expect further advancements in artificial intelligence, which will drastically improve the education experience for students. Learning will become increasingly interactive and personalized, producing successful students with advanced technical skills to effectively participate in a rapidly evolving 21st century work force.

It will be interesting to see how this technology develops further to help improve education and other areas of our lives in the future.

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