“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X  Pakistan is a country that has immense potential but faces several challenges that hinder its progress. One of these problems is the digital divide, which keeps a significant chunk of the population from accessing the […]

Knowledge Platform is pleased to publish its Newsletter on its blended learning project in 200 Classrooms of the Federal Capital Schools. The Federal Directorate of Education awarded the project to Knowledge Platform, SABAQ, and, TeleTaleem in the 2021-2022 session. The scope of the project included the implementation of a blended e-learning pilot project in 66 schools in the ICT […]

Ever since human beings came into existence thousands of years ago, they have been learning. From learning that allowed man to fulfill life’s necessities to modern scientific subjects that are essential to this age, learning has been an integral part of man’s continued evolution. There was a time when learning was an oral tradition. A […]

Today, artificial intelligence is all the hype and everybody, everywhere is discussing it. While the industry is still emerging, it is already in use in many industries and impacting our daily lives. Many myths surround artificial intelligence and the technology is heavily romanticized in pop culture. AI (artificial intelligence) is an industry that is developing […]

In this era of rapid technological advancement, digital solutions to our problems can be found everywhere online. Thousands of applications have been developed for cell phones and computers to make our lives easier with each passing day. This blog post gives an overview of five popular learning applications that can be useful for college students.

In our world of rapid technological change, many people spend an enormous amount of time on their laptop playing games or surfing the web. We are fully immersed in a digital world. This blog post describes how the world of education can also benefit from the integration of gamification.

Knowledge has grown more accessible through the internet, and information is now a mere click away. Methods of learning are constantly evolving in the age of technological innovation. More specifically, artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionising traditional teaching approaches where teachers directly transmit information to the student. The online tutoring market (grades K-12) was valued at $63.57 billion […]

What does student-centred education look like? Watch this video to find out.

Identifying the key features of a learning management system (LMS) requires a careful consideration of an organisation’s needs and objectives. This post highlights a few key features an LMS should have and will help you better understand the components that are important while comparing different LMS solutions.