In this era of rapid technological advancement, digital solutions to our problems can be found everywhere online. Thousands of applications have been developed for cell phones and computers to make our lives easier with each passing day.

Some of these applications are incredibly useful for college students who want to supplement their learning, or to understand and present their work in an engaging way. Five such applications are listed below:


  1. Studious

With Studious, forgetting assignments will be a thing of the past. This simple Android app reminds you when tests are coming up and when assignments are due. A unique feature of Studious is its ability to auto-silence your phone in class – as soon as you enter the room. To set this up, you just need to import your class locations.


  1. SlideShare

SlideShare was acquired by LinkedIn in 2012, and the presentation-hosting platform now has a mobile Android app. Instead of creating or uploading new files, the app focuses on viewing, sharing, and saving files for offline access. With SlideShare, you can view presentations on the go.


  1. WolframAlpha

Unlike a traditional search engine, Wolfram Alpha doesn’t search the Web for results but depends on its internal knowledge base – compiled from specific data sources – and its computational ability to provide answers and generate reports instantly. A wide range of topics include matrices, astrophysics, and social statistics, WolframAlpha is a must-have Android app and is the natural companion for every student.


  1. CALCU

This Android-based app is a scientific calculator that is intuitive to use and has an aesthetically pleasing interface. Although the idea of a new calculator app might not exactly excite you, CALCU is worthwhile to check out simply for its slick design. The app also includes a calculation history to retrieve previous calculations. CALCU is the perfect example of an app that is both functional and beautiful.


  1. Coursera

Coursera is an online learning platform that can be accessed through a website or through a mobile application. Coursera attracts lifelong learners everywhere with free online courses from numerous global universities and educational institutions. Users who have the ability to pay for courses can get verified certificates after successfully completing a course. Coursera gives anyone with an internet connection the ability to engage with content designed by the best instructors in the world, with course offerings that are far greater than any offered by a single university.





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