Any unconventional idea requires a lot of hard work and creativity. It needs the dedication of the pioneer person and the efforts of the people surrounding him/her. With help of social media and the strength of the project idea it can be raised to provincial or national level.

The one initiative I would like to see in my province or country is the proper disposal of old and unneeded items. My game plan is that each sector of the community should have a special center for disposing items. It should cater all types of items like furniture, electric goods, books, kitchen items and clothing etc. People will bring the specific item they no longer require to the assigned center. The representative at the center would estimate the price of that item and purchase it in half price. These purchased items can later be given to needy persons on three by fourth prices. In this way people can get rid of their old items easily without going to far off places. They can look forward to more organized houses. A lot of employment opportunities can be generated in this way as less fortunate can have an easy access to these commodities. This initiative can be simplified by just giving a call to the center of your area, to come and estimate the price of your commodity. In this way a successful deal can be settled. Different groups of people will be needed to participate in this initiative like the management of societies and the government to give it an approval. People of the specific areas would gladly be going to these centers to dispose of their items in an organized way in order to enable themselves to buy new products. Marketing through the social media would spread this message to every person in the concerned area. People won’t have to dump their unused items in stores, warehouses and garages as they will be easily available for the community. I personally am interested in this specific public policy because I came across many houses which are filled with unwanted items and these items are making their lives difficult.

On the other hand, there are a few houses which lack these necessary items. If these items are available to them at economical prices, they can also enjoy a better lifestyle. The centers can give discounts to these people upon surveying their economic conditions. These centers can also collect items labeled as glass, paper, tin and plastics etc. for recycling to specific factories where they can be properly recycled for reuse. The kitchen wastes including rotten food items, peels of fruits and vegetables can be collected in separate bags and given to these centers for making fertilizers.

All these efforts will make a clean and green country. We will not see litter scattered here and there. We will see homes which are well spaced. It will also create jobs for the youth as they will survey homes, collect the items, purchase them, send them to their required places and sell them. The houses of poor people will get advantage from these centers; if they need anything they can just come to these centers and get what they want in a minimal amount. So, these centers will cater to all the segments of society by helping them in fulfilling their needs and requirements.

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