“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads, lives only one”. We all have heard this saying but do we really know what it means?

A book and the reader develops a strong bond with each other while unveiling through the story. A book allows the reader to wander in his imagination, allows him to roam around the world of words and visualize the characters, settings and events happening in the book. In this way, not only he travels through the pages of the book, but lives a thousand lives of unique characters involved in the plot of numerous captivating books. Reading stimulates our imagination and helps us to think beyond the box which we have confined ourselves in. Apart from developing language skills and nurturing our brains with ability to read and write, reading inspires us to widen our horizons. You don’t believe me? Read a book and see for yourself! A voracious reader knows exactly how it feels to hold a new book. Inhaling the enchanted scent of the adventures in every new book, fingers caressing the soft pages, every page begging to be read. I would never trade this feeling with anything this world!

Every book is written by someone who has experienced different episodes in their life, which has entirely changed their perception regarding life. It has the ability to change our moods in an instance. It can be a cheerful change but at times, depressing and gloomy vibes get hold of us, for days!! There are numerous book which left me awestruck when I finished them. “Atonement” by Ian McEwan, an author who uses the English language beautifully and eloquently. The ending, however was very miserable. But what do you expect from a WAR Love story? Always leaves you in a dejected state of mind. Yes, a book has a huge impact on the reader’s life, but the author’s emotions are also attached as they have put so much effort and feelings into the book. Sylvia Plath, author of the novel “The Bell Jar” committed suicide shortly after she wrote this novel.  This semi autobiography openly describe all the challenges and agony she has endured in her lifetime. I believe she was daring enough to share her melancholic story with us and inspired many to become a warrior and fight against the war of depression.

Apart from sad and cheerful books we have got another type, which usually doesn’t pleases everybody. The authors which leave the endings to their readers, play very cleverly, as the reader can’t get over the book for at least a week. They are the open ending books! Yes, you get sad when the hero of your favorite book dies, but trust me, the open ending books are worse. Everything you have guessed regarding the ending of the story is shattered when you are left alone with your imagination to meander around. For nights, I couldn’t help myself thinking about the book: The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. The end of the book is a quite a mystery. *spoiler alert* I was expecting so much for the heroine only to find out she surrenders at the end. Fate of many of the characters were abandoned at the end, however the TV show gives us concrete answers. (Just in case you are wondering where to watch the show, it’s available on Netflix and 123 movies!)

Before going to Japan, I only read love stories, mystery novel and other fiction stuff. My Canadian teacher in my host school introduced me to a unique genre. Spiritual reading. Self-improvement books. These books have evolved me into a new Laiba as they have awakened my soul. Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak. You must have hear the puff about this one, and trust me, it’s worth the hype. It an amazing piece of literature. The quotes by Rumi and Shams are just heart wrenching. Simply loved it. 7 habits of highly effective people by Stephen R Covey is another great book to improve yourself and put you on the right track to become the future leader. Reclaim your Heart has verses from Quran which motivates you to become a pious and a humble person. Brain (my Canadian teacher) absolutely loved the meaning of these verses. I could see the impact these words have had on him!

While quarantining, we’ve got a golden opportunity to discover which genres of book we like. And if you don’t have a stamina to read 700 pages, it’s okay. There are amazing short stories which you can start now! My favorites are written by Edgar Elan Poe. Don’t forget to share your favorite book or story with me!!

In a nut shell, I strongly believe book comprises of magic. Every word scribbled on fine pages, takes you to your imaginary world full of adventure and joy. After years of reading, I have developed a strong connection with words. They let me travel the whole world just by shutting my eyes. The description of words is so strong that I feel myself in that particular place. For this, I am truly grateful to all the amazing authors around the globe.

Long story short, we should utilize this time to read, read, and read!

Happy reading guys!

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  2. Loved reading your blog Laiba.. ♥️

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  4. I actually have “Forty rules of love”, “7 habits of highly effective people” and “Reclaim your heart” lying in my book shelf. This was the final push i needed to start reading them!


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