Dear Teenage Zujajah,

Hello! How are you doing? Well, I don’t remember how I was doing back then. I am not writing this letter to warn you what comes next or what lies ahead in future. You must be thinking what made me write to you from future. Here’s the answer.

I want to tell you that the things you are going through will be soon over. The sun will soon rise and a new day will arrive. It must have been very hard for you right now but the waves will soon settle into a calm sea and you’ll soon be listening to the peaceful music of the waves. When storm comes it destroys many ships. But that’s how the best captain emerge. God have given you these tides because you must be one of his bravest soldiers. I want to tell you to keep working hard, take baby steps keep continuing to move forward. I will not give you predictions, but I want to prepare you for battles yet to come by some lessons; lessons that are not taught by parents or teachers but lessons that one must learn by herself. Whenever you feel you are lost in a sea of chaotic tides and ruthless waves just try to look for the North Star to find your way. Don’t hear what people say. Look for it yourself. Never think your boat will break. Allah will take care that. Even if it breaks…. just keep swimming. Sooner or later you’ll find yourself at the shore. If many voices are around you and you are confused which to follow then follow your own. No one knows you better than you.

Never stop dreaming, believe in yourself. I have seen kids of your age trying to change themselves because of the sentence that killed many dreams, the same old sentence: ‘What will people say?’ Ignore and don’t answer them, your success will be the ultimate answer. Make decisions wisely. Sometimes try to be the devil’s advocate. In this way you’ll be able to look at both sides of the picture. Teenage crisis might be hard to fight but never think you failed. One only fails when he/she stops trying. So never stop trying, own your mistakes. They are a proof that you are trying. Don’t be afraid to shoot for the moon. At least you’ll land among the stars. Have a splendid teenage life!

Sincerely Yours,

Adult Zujajah (From the future)

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  1. Wowwwwwww such a nycc c bloggg i have ever readdd . This blog got feelingss andd also its very effectivee for the teenage girlss who are surviving with problems out theree in this cruel world hats off to thee writer seriouslyy amzingly written well done and keep it up !!!!

  2. I would’ve said the same to my younger self. Nice article.


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