Dear Adult Zujajah!

Hello! I hope you are enjoying the best years of your life. I received your letter and I was so happy that you wrote to me.

Your letter was full of insights and wisdom which will surely help me. Thank you for that! Now I want to share my thoughts with you. You must be thinking what advice could a teenager give to an adult? Adults have experienced so much but here’s your answer:

I want to remind you of some teenage life lessons; lessons that most adults have forgotten by now. But these lessons might help you for your mid-age crisis which revolve around thinking about a house to build, a car to buy and life insurances. These lessons will also help you when you will start having back pains and holding a cup coffee in you 60’s.

Currently I am going through teenage crisis but yet trying to enjoy life. So I want to tell you that while failures and hardships make people frustrated, try to stay positive. At times reality is hard to face but try to live fully. When Allah takes something from you and you feel empty and disappointed, always think about giving more which increases the capability to gain more. You have more room to absorb now your struggles are different in nature. While here I am still trying to figure out which career to choose but this process teaches us to choose the paths that fits in our best interest. You must have forgotten that feeling by now as it was years ago for you. So the advice is whenever there are multiple options and you don’t know which to choose then think about them one by one. Write down the pros and cons for each and rate them accordingly. You’ll find your answer.

You might also be going through a lot of stuff. I can sense that in your letter. If you want to burst into tears because of people’s words then do cry, but never in front of them. Never show your weaknesses. If someone stands behind you then protect them, if someone stands beside you respect them and if someone stands against you then defeat them.

Seems like my reply is getting longer than your letter. You might have work to do. Have a great life yet to come! Take care!

Your’s loving,

Younger Zujajah (from past)

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